Palma Riley
Far out Man! Groovy - Psychedelic - Flower Power - Peace! You guessed it. I was smack dab in the middle of the "hippie" Woodstock era in my teenage years. My life involved all that was going on in the 60's and 70's including drugs, free love, rebellion, rock-n-roll, long hair, bell bottoms w/holes, tie dye shirts - the whole package.

I was raised in a loving family that included dad, mom, 2 older brothers, myself and a younger sister. We were a middle class, good Catholic family. From grades 1-8, I attended Catholic school with the nuns, but when I was in public high school, my days of rebellion began. It was only by God's grace and mercy on my life that I was kept alive.

When I was 22 years old, Jesus saved my soul. At that time I was married and had a son, Keith. Jesus opened my eyes and heart through my friend Debbie that I used to party with. We hadn't seen each other for a long time and when Debbie called me to ask me to come visit her, I saw a "changed life" and a true peace in her in spite of the fact that her 3 year old son was dying with Leukemia and her husband was "doing his own thing". Even though I didn't understand it, I wanted what she had.

On that day, at her kitchen table, I said the sinner's prayer. I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and to be the Savior and Lord of my life. He delivered me and cleansed me from my sin sickened soul. My life was completely changed. Several years later my daughter, Christina, was born. My 30 year walk with the Lord has brought me to mountaintops and sustained me in the valleys and I am grateful to know that his promises are true.

One of my favorite verses has always been Philippians 3:10 which says: For my determined purpose is that I may know Him (that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly), and that I may in that same way come to know the power out flowing from His resurrection...

I met Bob and Carol about 25 years ago and have brought many people (especially the youth) to see God's Word written in stone.

It has been a privilege to be a part of this work in progress that is being done here to the Glory of God alone.

-- Palma Riley, 2013