Chet Carlton
God's presence was made known to me really for the first time after the death of my previous wife Elaine. Returning to my home alone and depressed I cried out to Him and He spoke to my heart and told me that He was there with me. So simple, He met me in my pain. A couple of years later I met my wife Laura and we grew together in fellowship groups and bible studies.

We were living in Ohio at the time and the kids had all left by then so we realized that we could move anywhere. Laura's parents lived in Massachusetts so we moved to Leominster in 2010 to be closer to them. Unfortunately, that was the year that the Lord called both Laura's dad and Bob Tellier home.

I had met Bob only a brief few times while visiting Living Stone with friends that would visit from Ohio. One particular visit he spent over an hour with us sharing his testimony. He never realized that it was answered prayer for a friend who had been struggling with how to witness to his sister. Living Stone is that perfect opportunity!

While attending church at New Life, Jack Bombara invited me to "The Hill" to see if I would like to volunteer and that is where I met my now extended family in Christ. I am constantly amazed at how God brings the people and services to complete the vision that He gave to Bob.

-- Chet Carlton, 2016