Ed Blanchard
In 2001, I was looking for a person to engrave a big granite slab that I had, and someone told me that Bob Tellier in Leominster might be able to help out. Some time passed and then I met a man at Wachusett Mountain Applefest who did stone engraving. His name - Bob Tellier. We struck up a conversation and he came to my house and engraved my stone. It was the beginning of what became a friendship for life.

Bob brought me to Living Stone and showed me his "project" to honor Jesus Christ with stones that cried out. I became impressed with Bob's enthusiasm and work ethic and traveled to many quarries with him to seek out stones to be engraved for Living Stone. On my travels with Bob, he told me how he found Jesus Christ and how it completely changed his life. A devout reader of the bible, Bob would always have passages that related to our work in finding stones to engrave for Living Stone.

After a few years of traveling with Bob, he asked me if I would join the Board of Directors at Living Stone. It was an outstanding "YES" from me. I have enjoyed my work honoring Jesus Christ at Living Stone for about 14 years.

In 2010, I was at Bob's side when he left to be with his Lord. It is my journey to keep Bob's dream alive and spread the Word of Jesus Christ to all people that come to Living Stone. If you are reading this, please come to visit Living Stone. You will not be disappointed.

-- Edward H. Blanchard, 2016